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UNCST Library Rules

  1. The UNCST Library is Open from 9am to 3pm only on weekdays
  2. Smoking is not permitted in the Library.
  3. Consumption of food and drinks is not permitted in the Library.
  4. On leaving the Library, all users are required to produce for inspection all books and items taken out of the Library

  5. Silence must be observed strictly in the Library
  6. Reservation of seats is not permitted. Books and other articles left for any length of time on chairs and tables may be removed by the library staff.
  7. Users must be decently dressed and conduct themselves properly in the Library.
  8. The Library staff on duty has the right to request a user to leave the premises if he is found to be violating any of the Library rules.
  9. The Chief Librarian is empowered to withhold Library facilities for any infringement of these rules.
  10. The Library will not accept responsibility for the loss or misplacement of personal belongings.
  11. The Chief Librarian may amend the Library Rules and Regulations as and when necessary.

UNCST Library General Loan Rules

  1. Only UNCST Staff members can borrow Library materials.
  2. No books or library materials may be brought out of the Library until the loan has been recorded.
  3. Unauthorized removal of library materials is regarded as a very serious offence.
  4. Library materials borrowed must be returned on or before the due date.
  5. The normal loan period for books is two weeks. The Library, however, may fix varying loan periods for different types of materials or users as it deems fit.
  6. All borrowers must settle any overdue loans before they are permitted to borrow again.

UNCST library Cyberspace rules

  1. Do not use the computers to do the following: Emails
  2. Playing Games
  3. Playing music

Loss and Damage

Borrowers will be held responsible for materials out on loan. If the material is lost, an immediate report should be made to the Librarian to enable appropriate action to be taken. A borrower is allowed to either replace the book lost or damaged by purchasing it himself or requesting the Library to replace it. All books replaced must be of the latest edition.


The main purpose of these rules is to safeguard the common interest of all users and to enable the Library to carry out its functions as efficiently as possible. Failure to observe the rules can lead to disqualification.

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