About the UNCST Library

The Uganda National Council for Science and Technology Library main function is to develop and maintain a collection of Scientific and Technical information on Science and Technology both at National and international level. It is open to the Public and private sector, academic institutions, individuals and the international community.


The Library accommodates a total of 20 people at any one time. There is free Wi-Fi. (Terms and conditions Apply)


All inquiries should be made at the receptions desk or the Librarian, who is ready to provide advice on how best to search for information from the Library collection.


This comprises of about 35000 documents (research reports, textbooks, journals, and a few Novels. The main subject areas include the following Food and Nutrition, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Management, Health, Pharmacy, Diseases, Science and Technology, Physics/Chemistry, Natural Resources and Development, Environment, Pasture and Forest lands ,Energy, Water and Wetlands, Wildlife and Biodiversity, Education, Law, Economics and Development.

We have Research reports on research studies done in Uganda covering the following sectors Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Medicine and Veterinary Sciences, Physical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Industrial Sciences.

We also have;

The Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (latest Version) Macropaedias, WHO Publications, ISNAR publications, free access to Hinari, AGORA Journals
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